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Acupuncture et homéopathie
Acupuncture et homéopathie
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Ortodoxia in America

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Ortodoxia in America Empty Ortodoxia in America

Am gasit un site american foarte interesant despre emotii si consecintele lor :
Understanding Emotion in Nature

Various psychological studies suggest that cognition, emotion and behavior interact with each other in complex ways (Weitan, 2007). The findings of Tomkins (1991) and Plutchick (2002) indicate the presence of primary emotions shortly after birth. i Researchers agree on six emotions (fear, anger, joy, disgust, interest and surprise) out of about eight or ten primary emotionsii. Phylogenetically,iii these emotions occur before the brain structures such as the cerebral cortex and pre-frontal cortex that support cognition develop.iv These early emotions are produced by subcortical brain areas such as the amygdala and hypothalamus portions of the limbic system which develop before the cerebral cortex. Research on lower animals, species without a developed cortex, indicates that emotional responding appears to be an innate reaction to certain stimuli.
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