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Acupuncture et homéopathie
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PSIHONEUROIMUNOLOGIA CANCERULUI Empty Nu exista o corelatie intre raspunsul imun si PSA

" we found no correlation between preexisting immunity or the magnitude
of the immune response to vector and the clinical outcome as measured
by changes in serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level," wrote D.
Onion and colleagues, University of Birmingham."

Din cate stiu celulele canceroase se protejeaza de anticorpi " imbracandu-se " intr-un strat de acid sialic , fapt ce le face "invizibile " fata de atacul anticopilor .
Dr Ioan Dumitrescu
Dr Ioan Dumitrescu

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Dr Ioan Dumitrescu

Message Mar Jan 19, 2010 11:56 pm par Dr Ioan Dumitrescu

"Erythropoietin (EPO) prevents cell apoptosis
induced by oxidative stress. Carbamylated EPO maintains the
tissue-protective activities of the unmodified EPO but does not
stimulate erythropoiesis," scientists in Cordoba, Spain report.

"This study evaluates whether carbamylated erythropoietin is as effective as recombinant human erythropoietin in protecting endothelial progenitor cells
(EPCs) from apoptosis without stimulating erythropoiesis. Experiments
were performed in an erythroid cell line (UT-7) and in human EPCs. Cell signals
regulating proliferation and apoptosis (Jak-2, Akt, Erk1/2, NF kappa B
and Stat-5) were measured by Western blotting. In human EPCs, cell
senescence, apoptosis and proliferation were assessed by acidic
beta-gal and measurement of telomere length, TUNEL
and PCNA labeling, respectively. Angiogenesis was evaluated using the
endothelial tube formation assay. In UT-7, carbamylated erythropoietin
(C-darbe) induced phosphorylation of the anti-apoptotic Jak-2/Akt
signal and, as opposed to recombinant human erythropoietin (darbe), did
not produce a significant activation of cell proliferating signals.
Darbe increased the percent of proliferating EPCs and promoted
angiogenesis. By contra!
st, C-darbe failed to stimulate
proliferation of EPCs. Both C-darbe and darbe equally reduced apoptosis
and senescence," wrote R. Ramirez and colleagues, University of Reina

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